The Bruckner Journal is a publication for all enthusiasts and devotees of Anton Bruckner and his music. It aims to be of interest to musicians, scholars, amateurs and lay enthusiasts, in fact to all lovers of the glorious music of Anton Bruckner, whatever their level of knowledge and expertise.

The first issue came out in March 1997, and since then issues have included contributions by many noted Bruckner enthusiasts, scholars and musicians:   

  -  including Nicholas Attfield, Mark Audus, William Carragan, Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, Constantin Floros, Dermot Gault, Ian Beresford Gleaves, Andrea Harrandt, Paul Hawkshaw, Julian Horton, Benjamin Korstvedt, Crawford Howie, Elisabeth Maier,  Angela Pachovsky, Derek Scott, Franz Zamazal... and many  others.


The founding Editor in 1997 was Peter Palmer.   Since March 2005 the editor has been Ken Ward. The Associate Editors are Dr. Crawford Howie, author of ‘Anton Bruckner: A Documentary Biography’, (Edwin Mellen, 2002), and Dr. Dermot Gault, author of  “The New Bruckner” (Ashgate, 2011). Raymond Cox is the Managing Editor and deals with subscriptions and mailings.  They are unpaid volunteers, and The Bruckner Journal is non-profit-making.

It is printed in English in the UK, but contributions are received and welcomed from all over the world. It contains articles on a variety of Bruckner-related subjects, concert reviews, CD reviews, book reviews, selected concert listings, news of events of interest to Brucknerians and much else.


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The Bruckner Journal is published three times a year, in March, July and November - since 1997 - and is available by subscription only.

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for 3 issues a calendar year are:


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REST OF THE WORLD -  US$40 or £25

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Bruckner Journal Readers’ Conference

is held every two years.

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896), Austrian composer of music which is amongst the most inspiring, the most ennobling, the most profound in the ‘classical music’ repertoire.  His symphonies are large-scale, filled with dramatic grandeur and intense emotion, beautiful, humane and deeply mysterious; his extraordinary religious faith also found expression in his three great Masses, his Te Deum and numerous heartfelt shorter sacred choral works.

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“This publication, then, is for Bruckner enthusiasts everywhere.”

Peter Palmer, the founding editor.






A New Editor for The Bruckner Journal


A great opportunity lies ahead for a new editor to steer The Bruckner Journal through coming decades of the 21st century.  Ken Ward has announced his resolve to withdraw from his work as editor by the end of 2016, by then having completed 12 years and become 70 years old, so we are anxious to hear from anyone who might wish to take up this highly respected and highly enjoyable position.  It affords very rewarding opportunities to engage with musicians and academics and the wide community of Bruckner enthusiasts, and to promote interest in Bruckner worldwide.


The editor is supported by experienced and knowledgeable assistant editors, so the position does not require exceptional specialist knowledge, but rather a welcoming and open-minded attitude of mind to all things related to Bruckner and his music. Anyone taking up the job is assured of the assistance of the present editor for the first few issues and the assistant editors thereafter.


It is likely that The Bruckner Journal will benefit from engagement with the great variety of on-line arenas of communication that have arisen with the development of the internet.  The present editorial team find themselves challenged to keep abreast and active in this new world, so any applicant more au fait with these lively developments of modern publishing would be particularly welcome.


The Bruckner Journal would also benefit from an energetic campaign to recruit new subscribers, so applicants with enthusiasm and energy to reach out to those music lovers who are unaware of the existence of the Journal would be a great asset.


If you are interested in putting your name forward, the sooner the better!  If you feel that perhaps the whole job might be too much and you’d rather share it, please register your interest and it may be that there’s a possible co-editor also expressing an interest. Please let us know if you think this could be an opportunity for you. brucknerjournal@gmail.com


At the same time Raymond Cox also intends to finish his 20 year stint, responsible for subscriptions and mailing.  We will need someone to replace him too.


In the event that come the end of 2016 no replacement editor has come forward,

The Bruckner Journal may be obliged to cease publication.






A new editor for The Bruckner Journal, to take over before the end of 2016

Contact brucknerjournal@gmail.com