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The Sixth Bruckner Journal Readers

Biennial Conference 2009


The Conference took place at

Hertford College, University of Oxford, Catte Street, Oxford, UK

on Fri. 17th April, 7 - 9pm, Sat 18th April, 2009 09.30am - 5pm,

And was followed at 7.30pm by a performance of the 8th Symphony as transcribed by Josef Schalk for piano 4-hands , arr. 2 pianos by William Carragan

Prof. William Carragan and Dr. Crawford Howie, pno.


Speakers: Nicholas Attfield, William Carragan,

Andrea Harrandt*, Paul Hawkshaw, Julian Horton,

Howard Jones, Ebbe Tørring, Peter Palmer, Ken Ward



Friday 17 April (7.00 – 9.00)

715 Ken Ward  -  The raisons d’être for Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony

7.55 Howard Jones  - The history of the recording of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony

Saturday 18 April (10.00 – 5.00)

10.00 Nick Attfield  -  “Prometheus Unbound”, or, Reappraising the ‘programme’ for

          Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony


10.40 Peter Palmer - Bruckner, Rued Langgaard and Last Things

11.40 Ebbe Tørring - Recapitulation procedures in Bruckner’s symphonies

12.20 Paul Hawkshaw - The first edition of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony

2.00 Julian Horton - The harmonic language of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony

2.40 Andrea Harrandt - Preparation for the public. The importance of piano

        transcriptions of Bruckner’s music*


3.20 William Carragan - “One into two”: arranging the Schalk four-hand transcription of the Eighth

       for two pianos, with concomitant discoveries

  4.20 – 5.00   ‘Round table’ session, chaired by Dermot Gault

Saturday 18 April, 7.30

Performance in the College chapel of Josef Schalk’s four-hand transcription of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony (arr. William Carragan for two pianos) by William Carragan and Crawford Howie


*Andrea  Harrandt’s participation in the conference has been facilitated by a travel grant from the




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                                                                                                 l-r: Paul Hawkshaw, Julian Horton,

                                                                                                       Crawford  Howie, Nick Attfield

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     Nick Attfield                       Ebbe Tørring                    Julian Horton                  Andrea Harrandt



Crawford Howie and William Carragan rehearse their performance of Bruckner’s 8th Symphony

Transcribed for 4-hands piano by Josef Schalk, arr. 2 pianos William Carragan.



Photographs by Inez Maria Haettenschwiller and William Carragan

The Fifth Bruckner Journal Readers Conference, 2007


Left to right: Nicholas Attfield, Paul Hawkshaw, Erling E Guldbrandsen, Julian Horton,

David Alldeborgh, Benjamin Korstvedt, Crawford Howie, Ebbe Tørring, Bob McColley, William Caragan


Mystery in the Music of Anton Bruckner

Speakers were

Nicholas Attfield, William Carragan, Erling E. Guldbrandsen,

Paul Hawkshaw, Julian Horton, Crawford Howie,

Ben Korstvedt, Ken Ward.

This conference was held in Birmingham on Saturday  21 April 2007,


Programme, 2007

Friday 20th April


19:00 - 21:00 Preliminary Session - with introductory paper presented by Ken Ward:

                                                        Seven Types of Mystery

                     Erling E Guldbrandsen: Bruckner and Mystic Experience


Saturday 21st April


09.30             Registration

10:00             Introduction and Welcome


10:05             Benjamin Korstvedt: ‘ja oft die besten Stellen der Wirkung beraubte’: an  essay on the   

                      early compositional history of Bruckner’s Fourth Symphony


10:55-11:25  Coffee Break


11:30-12:15   Julian Horton: Bruckner and the Myth of Otherness


12:20-13:05   William Carragan: Bruckner’s Last Words


13:10-14:15   Lunch Break


14:20-15:05   Paul Hawkshaw: The Art of Fugue, St Florian and the Preservation of  Contrapuntal   



15:10-15:50   Nicholas Attfield: Music and Mysticism in the Weimar Republic: the

                                                 Cases of Anton Bruckner and Erich Schwebsch


15:55-16:20   Tea Break


16:25-16:55   Final ‘open’ session, introduced and chaired by Crawford Howie:

                     The Element of Mystery in Bruckner’s Music


The Seventh Bruckner Journal Readers Conference 2011



Friday 15 April (19.00 – 21.00)

19.15 Malcolm Hatfield A Psychological Profile of Bruckner

19.55 Dermot Gault  In conversation with Ken Ward about his new book,      The New Bruckner

Saturday 16 April (9.45 – 17.25)

9.45 Paul Coones  Bruckner at Hertford College, Oxford

10.00 Andrea Harrandt Bruckner’s Vienna in the 1870s and 1880s – A Biographical and    Historical Background*

10.40 Benjamin Korstvedt Defining the ‘Problem’: The post-war Reception of Bruckner     Editions in the English-speaking World

11.45 Brian Newbould Chorale as Texture in Symphonic Music

12.25 Frederick Stocken Is Sechter ‘echter’? Considering Simon Sechter’s Fundamental-    Bass Theory for analyzing Bruckner’s Music

14.20 William Carragan The Finale of the Fifth - An Analysis and Tempo-Study

15.00 Julian Horton  Counterpoint and Form in the Finale of the Fifth Symphony

16.05 Paul Hawkshaw Bruckner’s Use of Sonata-Form Terminology in the Sketches    for the Finale of the Eighth Symphony

16.45  Eric Lai   Toward a Theory of Coherence: Compositional Use of the Turn     in Bruckner’s Symphonies

Saturday 16 April, 19.30 Performance in the College chapel of Bruckner’s Fifth Symphony (arr. William Carragan for two pianos) by William Carragan and Crawford Howie

*Andrea Harrandt’s participation in the conference has been facilitated by a travel grant fromwpc1c158fe.gif

wp9b684bf2_0f.jpg wpffc7ebe3.png wpcc08ae94_0f.jpg wp58f9bd27_0f.jpg wpb12cdf8b_0f.jpg

             Paul Hawkshaw                                William Carragan              .               Chris Mansell, Andrew Lewis, Guy Richardson.      wp80c537fd_0f.jpg     wp8befa543_0f.jpg    wp10767606_0f.jpg


Crawford Howie and William Carragan rehearse in the chapel, Hertford College.  

Above that L, outside in the quadrangle, l-r  Keith Gifford   Geoffrey Hosking   Andrew Lewis   Paul Coones   Jerome Curran.

Above that R, Frederick Stocken and Andrea Harrandt


Photos by Inez Haettenschwiller and Ken Ward



Ken Ward with Bruckner Society of America

‘Kilenyi’ Medal of Honor, present to him by William Carragan during the Conference

Photo: Derek Haslam



The Eighth Bruckner Journal Readers Biennial Conference

Hertford College, University of Oxford, Friday 12 - Saturday 13 April 2013


Friday 12 April (19.00 – 21.00)

19.00 Welcome and introductions

19.20 Malcolm Hatfield    Levi’s rejection of the Eighth and its impact on Bruckner the man and his attitude to his work and life                                                                                                         

20.00 Abram Chipman Bruckner – a compromised composer?

20.40 – 21.00      Open forum

Saturday 13 April (10.00 – 17.20)

10.00 Paul Coones  A nightmarish hangover: the morning after

10.40 Louis Lohraseb  What happened to the Sixth?

  11.20 – 12.00   Coffee / Tea break

12.00 William Carragan The 1874 Third: Three between Two

  12.40 – 14.10   Lunch break

14.10 Andrea Harrandt       Bruckner and Wagner – the relationship between two  contrasting  personalities

14.50 Paul Hawkshaw         A report on the sources for the Eighth Symphony

  15.30 – 16.00   Coffee / Tea break   

16.00 Geoffrey Hosking            Bruckner’s heritage: Egon Wellesz and his Second Symphony

16.40 Benjamin Korstvedt         A long view of the Fourth Symphony: 1874-90

Saturday 13 April, 19.30

Performance in the College Chapel

Bruckner Symphony No. 4 (1874 version) arr. William Carragan, two pianos, four hands.

William Carragan and Crawford Howie, piano.


Conference addressed by Dr. Paul Coones - photo by John Berky

wpbeec2492.png wp0e23c125.png

Dr. Crawford Howie and Professor William Carragan rehearse in Hertford College for their performance of Bruckner’s Symphony No.4 (1874 version)

arranged for two pianos, four hands, by William Carragan.  

photos byKW


The presentation of the Bruckner Society of America Kilenyi Medal of Honor to Dr. Crawford Howie

L to R : Dr Benjamin Korstvedt, Dr Crawford Howie,  John Berky, Professor William Carragan.


During a coffee-break, Dermot Gault looks on as Chris Mansell talks with Paul Coones in the quadrangle;...others take coffee in the Old Library.


The Ninth Bruckner Journal Readers Biennial Conference

Hertford College, University of Oxford, evening Friday 17 - all day Saturday 18 April 2015


Friday 17 April 1930 - 2100

Ken Ward:  Bruckner's vision

Dermot Gault:  Work in progress: editing of the Fifth Symphony

Gerhard Symons:  Bruckner 200


Saturday 18 April, 10.00 –1700

Paul Coones: Performing Bruckner's String Quartet

Crawford Howie:  Work in progress: editing of the Mass in D minor


Andrea Harrandt: Bruckner –a simple man but a great composer[11.5012.20]

Paul Hawkshaw: Bruckner's will in the 21st century[12.30 –1.00]


Thomas Röder:   Attempts at improving the score –Schalk, Löwe and the First Symphony

Eric Lai: Clemens Krauss’s retouching of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony[15.20–15.50]

William Carragan:  Conductorial Traps in Bruckner[ read by KW]


Saturday evening concert in  Hertford College Chapel

Schubert: 4 Valses Sentimentales D779 nos. 1-4

2 ImpromptusD935 no.2 and D899 no.2

Bruckner:String Quartet

Bruckner: SteiermärkerWAB 122, KlavierstückWAB 119, Stille Betrachtung an einem HerbstabendWAB 123, FantasieWAB 118, ErinnerungWAB 117

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no.3

St. Clement's Quartet and Crawford Howie (piano)


Conference ended with a post-concert reception, courtesy Dr. Paul Coones