Bruckner’s 7th Symphony as landscape


Edwina Broadbent


Mixed media on canvas. 80cm x 80 cm. (£600,plus delivery)


Edwina Broadbent is an artist living and working near Lands End in Cornwall, UK. She is a member of The St Ives Society of artists and The Penwith Society of Art, and has exhibited and sold her work widely in the UK. Her work varies from abstract to semi abstract and is mainly, though not exclusively, inspired by the raw elemental beauty of the landscape of West Cornwall and other wild and remote areas of the country.


‘Listening to Bruckner symphonies and the 7th in particular, I had visions of a tough rocky landscape opening up to vast expanses of optimistic space. I found a sketch I had made whilst walking the Pewsey Downs south of Avebury in Wiltshire, which had the basic structure I needed to start the painting. I listened to the symphony repeatedly whilst working, allowing it to drive the energy and direction of the painting.’

Edwina Broadbent, Sept 2009.


The colours are mainly black, raw umber, warm burnt sienna and greys with flashes of pale ochre and violet in the distance, the textures created by addition of grit, soil and twigs etc. with the paint in the foreground.


The artist can be contacted via The Bruckner Journal at brucknerjournal@googlemail.com

Or directly by e-mail to:                     edwinabroadbent