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John Berky’s amazing discography site at...

This site also has a wealth of Bruckner resources, articles and many hard-to-find CDs and DVDs for sale, some exclusive to the web-site,




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Bruckner On-Line

A very valuable Austrian Bruckner resource, with access to digitised Bruckner manuscripts.  A German language site, but navigable to non-German speakers prepared to explore its menus and see what turns up.

If on the home page, HANDSCHRIFTEN is selected, then WERK-DATENBANK, then use the drop-down menu in “WAB auswählen”, choose the work by its WAB number, click on SUCHEN, the manuscript sources appear below (often necessitating scrolling down to find them). Clicking on the open book symbol in the details column will provide details of the source, and if it has been digitalised (i.e. scanned in so that it can be seen on-line) there will be a camera symbol to click on, which opens the file and you will be able to see Bruckner’s original manuscript - something which for decades had not been available to other than a select few.wp499dbe6c.png












BrucknerTage, St Florian, 13-20 August 2017


The Fifth


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Anton Bruckner Chronologie Datenbank

If you wish to find the when, where, what,  and the who about Bruckner, it’s all here - but you’ll need to have some command of German to use it:  Franz Scheder’s vast and detailed Bruckner Databank, on the Anton Bruckner Institute Linz site.




The New Bruckner  

Compositional Development and the Dynamics of Revision

Dermot Gault


January 2011

234 x 156 mm, 278 pages Hardback, Includes c.39 musical examples and 3 tables



The New Bruckner

The New Bruckner provides a valuable study of Bruckner's music, focusing on the interaction of biography, textual scholarship, reception history and analysis. Dr Dermot Gault conveys a broad chronological narrative of Bruckner's compositional development, interpolating analytical commentaries on the works and critical accounts of the notoriously complex and editorial issues. Gault corrects longstanding misconceptions about the composer's revision process, and its relationship with the early editions and widely held critical opinions. Bruckner's constantly evolving engagement with symphonic form is traced by taking each revision in due order, rather than by taking each symphony on its own, and by relating the symphonies to other mature works such as the Te Deum, the three great Masses, and the Quintet, and Gault argues that Bruckner's music became more organic and less schematic as the result of his revisions. The book will be essential reading for all interested in Bruckner's compositions, the complex history of their reception, and late Romantic music in general.

Contents: Preface     -    Introduction; tradition and innovation   -    Masses and early symphonies

The emergence of the 'Bruckner symphony'     -    Consolidation and revision   -    4 masterpieces

Bruckner and his disciples   -    The 8th symphony   -   The final decade   -   Anomalies of history

Appendix Select bibliography -   Index


Dermot Gault was born in Belfast and studied music at Queen's University Belfast, where he obtained a doctorate for a thesis on Bruckner's symphonies in 1994. He has contributed to The Bruckner Journal since its inception and addressed Bruckner Conferences in Nottingham and Oxford. He has also contributed to Music Ireland and The Irish Times.


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The Yahoo Anton Bruckner Club message board  hosts lively and often informative discussion, and brings Brucknerians across the world together:

An Aart van der Wal interview:

A Bruckner Odyssey: The Ninth Symphony

Sir Simon Rattle talks about the four movement version


The web-site of Dr Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, conductor, musicologist, participating editor of the complete Bruckner edition, member of the editorial team ‘Samale, Phillips, Cohrs, Mazzuca’ who made a completed, performing version of the Finale to Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony.  Mostly in German, but some English language content.


Multivariate Life - imbued with the Bruckner Sound

Life involves many, if not too many, variables. Experiencing life and exploring the meaning of it will add a special aura to your own. Sharing it will make it sublime. A blog with unreserved enthusiasm for Anton Bruckner's music, by Horace Lau


An extraordinary list of forthcoming Bruckner concerts all over the world is assembled by Tatsuro Ouchi


An essential concert-finding site at




Once the heart of Bruckner studies in Austria, now suffering from cuts and a blurring of its mission.  It hosts the amazing data-bank assembled by Franz Scheder:

Anton Bruckner Chronologie Datenbank (ABCD).

Just type in a date and everything known about what Bruckner was doing then will come up; just type in a name and everything connecting that person to Bruckner will become available.  

In German, but very useful.



For Bruckner scores complete edition, find details in English at Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag

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A new complete edition under General Editorship of Dr Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs:


an imprint of Verlagsgruppe Hermann





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Bruckner Autograph Scores On-line

The best source for autograph scores is at, see the link above for assistance for English language users.

Some autograph scores are available on IMSLP, and may be more easy for English language users, at Petrucci Music Library   -   for the Bruckner scores click HERE


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Brucknerfest, Linz

A September music festival in Linz, centred at the Brucknerhaus concert hall, with a series of concerts from artists worldwide and usually some works by Bruckner

Brucknerfest, Linz


“Simon Sechter’s Fundamental-Bass Theory and its Influence on the Music of Anton Bruckner”

by Frederick Stocken

What manner of musical knowledge did Bruckner develop from his time with Simon Sechter?



Seeking the Infinite - The Musical Life of Stanislaw Skrowaczewski

by Dr Frederick E Harris Jnr

Bruckner Journal book review here


OUT OF TIME - The Vexed Life of Georg Tintner

Bruckner Journal Book review here


The Bruckner Journal web-site is now to be found at