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Although it is generally known that a good many of Bruckner’s works, his symphonies in particular, exist in more than one version, there is frequently considerable confusion as to which version is contained in any particular score.

The list on these pages is an attempt to present the facts about these publications in tabular form, and is based on a comparison of the scores. While no bibliographical detail can be given in the list, it should be remembered that many of the title-pages are seriously misleading in relation to the contents. They may give information which is either wrong, or is contradicted by the preface. The words ‘newly revised’ may mean that the score contains editorial changes which have not been indicated as such.

It is also important to know that, although two publishers may use the same plate number when issuing the same work, the music of each is not necessarily identical.  


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Click on these link buttons for lists of scores


Published scores of the various versions

Note: This web-site list of scores is not yet complete, and is subject to revision as new information comes to light


Bruckner Autograph Scores On-line

are available to view at the Austrian National Library web-site,

1. The scores are in the ÖNB-HANNA-Katalog

2. In the SCHNELL-SUCHE box type the WAB number you’re interested in, and click Ok.

For example, for Symphony No. 4. type: WAB 104 You now get a list of autograph items for Symphony No.4

3. Click on item 1 - IV. Sinfonie in Es romant. 1878-1880

At the top of the list of details that comes up is: Digitales Objekt Digitalisat

Only autographs that have this at the top of the list are at present available on-line, but you only seem to be

able to find which ones are on-line by going through the list of details for each one.

4. Click on Digitalisat, the autograph score will come up on your screen.


Autograph scores available include

seach term:       click on:

WAB 102            Item 2 Sinphonie [sic] (No 2 in C moll) Mus.Hs.6034

WAB 103            Item 8 & Item 9 Wagner Sinfonie No 3 D moll

WAB 104            Item 1 & 2 1878/80 and 1874

WAB 105            Item 3 Sinfonie No 5 in B

WAB 106            Item 5 VI. Sinfonie

WAB 107            Item 1, 2 & 5 Sinfonie No 7

WAB 108            Item 1 8. Sinfonie Mus.Hs.19480

WAB 109            Item 2 9. Sinfonie Mus.Hs.19481

WAB 26               Item 8 Messe Nr.1 in d-Moll

WAB 27               Item 4 Messe Nr.2 in e-Moll

WAB 28               Item 6 Messe Nr.3 in f-Moll

and others that further searching will reward

Some of these autograph scores have now become available, and may be more easy for English language users, at Petrucci Music Library, for the Bruckner scores click HERE